Our Mission

"To foster our community's capacity to care for one another
by connecting resources to programs helping local people change their lives."

Program Description

The United Way of Central Kane County is a not-for-profit philanthropic corporation financed by proceeds from its local campaign. Acting on behalf of the community at large and particularly of contributors, the United Way of Central Kane County allocates funds to finance programs of human care service agencies in accordance with the priority of current community needs. The extent of financing is determined after careful review of programs, overall needs assessment and available financial resources.

AnnualReport2010Cover.jpg The United Way of Central Kane County's policies and objectives are established and monitored by a Governing Board of business and civic leaders who serve voluntarily and without pay. A full-time Executive Director provides technical and administrative support to this all-volunteer organization and Governing Board.

The United Way of Central Kane County's annual planning, fund distribution, marketing and fundraising activities are planned and executed by an organization of volunteers who are broadly representative of the socio-economic composition of the Central Kane County.

What is United Way of Central Kane County?

United Way of Central Kane County is a not for profit philanthropic corporation financed by an annual giving campaign. Addressing community needs is what United Way is devoted to, with the help from local social service agencies and the collection and distribution of voluntary contributions. United Way is the best way for a community to meet the needs of its people.

Our goal is to help increase the capacity of people to care for one another.

United Way funds local programming for local people. Programs are chosen based on community needs. Agencies are monitored to ensure positive outcomes. United Way of Central Kane funds allows the agencies more time to spend on delivering programming to our residents.

United Way is cost effective in the dollars raised. Last year, over 13,000 local people were helped by the contributions through United Way of Central Kane County. Ninety-four cents of every dollar raised remain in the central Kane county communities. United Way of Central Kane County requires a measurement of outcome data from the agencies we fund. Knowing who was helped, and how, help us assess community needs and provides clarity to the agencies. Measuring the effectiveness of programs helps our Allocation Volunteers to decide which programs receive funding.

United Way of Central Kane County view programs in terms of cost effectiveness for the dollars invested in serving children and adults. One agency executive director said that it helped her look at ways to better serve clients. This process is good stewardship for the dollars raised from the community. Program outcome based reporting changes people's lives by maximizing program benefits.

The United Way of Central Kane County's Board of Directors is comprised of local volunteers who oversee the selection of funded agencies and the allocation of funding based on the annual campaign. Our role is to unite individuals and organizations in a collaborative cost effective effort to human needs of our neighbors. Vicky Rullo, former United Way board member said, "I never thought I would need United Way. My sister became ill very quickly and I didn't know where to turn. I called United Way and they helped me find the appropriate resources for my sister." That is why I support United Way of Central Kane County. United Way makes a difference in people's lives.

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